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Friday Mixtape: UVERworld


That means it’s time for the first-ever Friday Mixtape. There is no tape and no mix, just 3 tracks from a single artist. Hope this skates you into the weekend! Today I bring you:


Who They Are: 5-piece rock band from Kusatsu, Shiga. Housemates in Tokyo.

Takuya∞ – frontman: lead vocals, programming
Katsuya – band leader: rhythm guitar, rapping, keyboards
Akira – lead guitar, programming, backing vocals
Nobuto – bass
Shintarō – drums, percussion

Why I Love Them (and Why You Should Too): I’ve been incredibly blessed with some amazing animé on Netflix. If you haven’t already, check out Blue Exorcist, Darker Than Black, Baccano!, Black Butler, Bakka and Test, Ouran High School Host Club. There are some rockin’ opening (and closing) themes for these shows. Checking out live performances on YouTube, I was pleasantly surprised to find I am not alone in discovering great music as a result of great storytelling. A lot of animé fans find awesome music this way. While I am opposed to listening to music without knowing what the artist is saying, I feel slightly less guilty because fans will translate lyrics. I love that their name originated from mixing the German word über with the word over. So Japanese!

UVERworld have been on my Grooveshark for over a month now. Check ’em out:

My intro to UVERworld – Opening theme for Blue (Ao no) Exorcist:

Favorite lyric: “Life’s a bitch so if it’s easy, you’re doing it wrong.”

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Fear of Androgyny: Thoughts on the Gender-Bending Toyota Ad

A topless model in a red bikini bottom and trench coat strides toward a cherry red Toyota. The trench is cut high in back to reveal the model’s twitching ass. The trench comes off: narrow waist, smooth back. The model walks on, unsmiling: sculpted cheekbones, gauged ears, blonde hair draping shoulders. Once in front of the car, the model turns. Hair flips over the shoulder, arms cross. A fraction of a second and you realize: It’s a guy.

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